Posted on March 28, 2021

I have to believe we can learn from this memorable day when Jesus began His descent into Jerusalem, and the people began to shout their praise, and literally carpet the road with their coats and...

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Precious Possessions

Posted on March 21, 2021

What is it about the blood of Jesus that makes it so special? It was shed on the Cross for the remission of all our sins. That’s what makes it so precious! It’s the proof of God's love...

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Looking for FAT People

Posted on March 14, 2021

Timothy is to teach truths that have been taught by apostles like Paul. In other words, his job is not just to be innovative, his job is to be faithful. We as the church, can and should teach the...

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A Word For All Seasons

Posted on March 7, 2021

Of all the questions that trouble the people of God, none is greater than the question posed by our text. Sometimes it is asked in other ways: Why is there so much suffering in the world because of...

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Creation Calls

Posted on May 17, 2020

God has left his fingerprints all over the universe. You have to be blind not to see them

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